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How to Become Muslim

Becoming a Muslim is a simple process. You simply say (in Arabic):

“I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except God, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God.”

“Ashhadu An La Ilaha IllAllah, Wa Ashhadu Anna Muhammad Rasulu Allah.”

Saying these simple words, with conviction, enters one into the religion of Islam. This statement is known as the Testimony of Faith.
The Arabic word ‘Islam’ means ‘submission’, and is derived from a word meaning ‘peace’. As such, the religion of Islam teaches that in order to achieve true peace of mind, one must submit to God. The word “Muslim” means one who submits to the will of God.

Islam is not a new religion because ‘submission to the will of God’ (i.e. Islam), has always been the only acceptable religion in the sight of God. For this reason, Islam is the true ‘natural religion’, and it is the same eternal message revealed through the ages to all of God’s prophets and messengers.

The main message of all the prophets has always been that there is only One True God and He alone is to be worshipped. These prophets include Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, John, and Jesus, peace be upon them all.

“We did not send before you (O Muhammad) any messenger but We revealed to him: ‘none has the right to be worshipped except I, therefore worship Me”.
(The Quran, Chapter 21, Verse 25)

Benefits of Converting to Islam

Achieving Inner Peace

In a world of excessive materialism, human beings are unsatisfied and spiritually empty. Submitting your will to God leads to something that everyone is looking for: inner peace and tranquillity. Humans are made up of two components, one is the physical body and the other is the soul. The physical body gets nourishment from food, but the soul needs a connection with God for its satisfaction. Worshipping God gives contentment to the soul.

“Those who have faith and whose hearts find peace in the remembrance of God- truly it is in the remembrance of God that hearts find peace.” (The Quran, Chapter 13, Verse 28)

Having a Direct Relationship with God

By accepting Islam, one forms a personal and direct relationship with God. This close friendship with God will lead one to face up to challenges and trials of this life and the next. The knowledge that God is with you every moment is an immense relief and whenever you face a challenge in life, you can put your trust in Him to resolve it for you.

“Unquestionably, God’s friends have nothing to fear, nor shall they grieve.”
(The Quran, Chapter 10, Verse 62)

Discovering Your Purpose of life

Converting to Islam means you are on your way to fulfilling the purpose of your life. The very reason God created us is to worship Him. Islam teaches you how to worship God and get closer to Him.

All Sins Forgiven

Upon converting to Islam, all of the previous sins are forgiven. A new Muslim is like a newborn baby. Whatever sin you have done, no matter how many times you did it or how big it was, God can forgive it. God loves to forgive; humans may get tired of asking, but God never tires in giving.

Say, “O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”
(The Quran, Chapter 39, Verse 53)

Eternal Bliss

The greatest benefit is that a Muslim is promised by God the reward of eternal Paradise (Heaven). Those who are blessed with Paradise will live eternally in bliss without any sort of sickness, pain or sadness. God will be pleased with them and they will be pleased with Him. In Paradise, there are pleasures that no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard, and no mind has ever thought of. It will be a very real life, not spiritual only, but physical as well.

Every soul will taste death and you will be paid in full only on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever is kept away from the Hellfire and admitted to Paradise will have triumphed. The present world is only an illusory pleasure.
(The Quran, Chapter 3, Verse 185)


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