Our Approach

Our Vision

Islam is a very beautiful, peaceful and straightforward religion. We believe in the One Truth. There is only One God (Allah) and none worthy of worship other than God. We believe in the last and final messenger of God, Mohammed PEACE BE UPON HIM.  We strive to give you a place where you can get the right information and provide you with a community of other new Muslims (converts, reverts).

Our Story

Our Story

This website is founded by a convert herself, who was very fortunate to have an accepting community of practicing muslims around her. It's not that way for all converting muslims. The more she learned, the more she realized that we are in a place where even born muslims and new muslims have so much more to learn. With the internet having good benefits and bad, realizing there is so much misleading information online about Islam, becomingmuslim.com wants to help combat the negative and false information with verified sources.