Verified and Credible Islamic Websites

Asalam Alaikum!

We live in the world of technology that does good and bad, without getting into that debate, unfortunately the internet is not always to be trusted. hello the generation of fake news. When it comes to religion and especially islam, we want to make sure you are getting credible and verified information.

While is growing and we are getting scholars on board to help provide more information, we are directing you to these sites that have been verified by one of our trusted alimas' (female scholar).

Here is the list below:

ZamZam Academy

a place for islamic lectures and articles

 Seekers Guidance

Got a question about islam? ask it here or browse through their library of thousands of common questions answered by qualifed scholars

Islamic Portal

sharing knowledge of Qur'an and Sunnah through articles and answers to questions.


supplementary islamic school for children, teens and adults in London

There may be more out there, these are the ones to start with for now!